The Author

Håvard Gjelseth is an internationally awarded and published designer, illustrator and photographer, living in Oslo, Norway.

This is his first published book of photography, released in a limited number of 500 copies.

96 triplex printed black and white photos, hardcover bound, individually numbered and signed. Dust cover.

6 designers. 6 dust covers

Travels, Concerts, People
- and a Wedding

(The Photography of Håvard Gjelseth)

39 USD. Shipping 7 USD.
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Also, selling in bookshop Tronsmo, Oslo, from August 20th.

451/500 sold
(Last updated 9th of March, 2012)

About the book

Instants of Beauty
Margarida Paiva, 2010

I capture sudden instants that bring their own death with them and others are born – I capture the instants of metamorphosis, and their sequence and concomitance have a terrible beauty. – Stream of Life, Clarice Lispector

Håvard Gjelseth presents us a series of photographs which show a great affection for life and people. These are instant perceptions of the surrounding reality seen through the eyes of the photographer.

Portraits, real scenes, landscapes, appear strangely familiar captured by the camera as short moments of beauty. A smile, a shadow, a detail, these photographs present more than the capture of reality. They are born from a creative process which consists not in representing reality as it is, but about creating a new reality, one of emotions.

This book is divided into four sections. Travels registers impressions by the exotic traveler. Concerts shows behind the- scenes rehearsals in anticipation for the final event, and then the concert itself, though not always being obvious what is what. People turns into the pleasure of daily life, the small details, expressions and perplexing moments. A Wedding captures a special gathering shared between good friends, with fondness and a certain humor. Each section is carefully selected as if it is part of the photographer’s awareness to draw a particular world into being.

The black and white treatment evoke old memories. Reanimated by the camera these images bring about a melancholic longing for the past. The photographer who sees the world as images turns his work into a continuation of the world. Sudden instants are captured in order to preserve a memory, a thought, a passage. These photographs are taken from the artist’s personal experience and are presented as a journey of places and faces. The strongest connection between art and life is the one which is connected to affections, sensations, emotions and mostly, to human behaviour.

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